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Professional pool table installations in Palmdale

Are you looking to have your pool table professionally set up? We can help! We have the proper tools and years of experience handling pool table installations to make sure we deliver the best service when taking care of your table. Moreover, the billiard table installations services and materials we provide for the job are covered under an exclusive guarantee for a whole year.

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pool table installations in Palmdale

Pool table installations are technical in nature and should be handled by trained and certified pool table installers. Since we move pool tables we naturally have experience in the pool table installation side of the business.

We build the table from the ground up and ensure a perfectly flat and level surface. We can also replace the existing cloth of your table if it is worn out or to meet your decorative needs. The SOLO® Pool table refelting services use only the highest quality of cloth in the market.

Our team of professional technicians will make sure your table is properly set up and accurately leveled for you to enjoy the best playing experience each time you use it.

If you currently have a billiard table but are interested in upgrading to a newer or perhaps a bigger model. Do not hesitate to check out our classifieds section. There you can sell a pool table for free and browse from our classified listings, perhaps you’ll find something you like.

Pool table setup with precise leveling!

One of the most important aspects if not the most important aspect of your pool table setup is the accurate leveling of this table. During extensive leveling our technicians precisely set, shim, wedge, and level the slates using sensitive leveling equipment to make sure your pool table installation is done to the highest quality for optimum performance.

We warrant the exact leveling of your billiard table in writing. The written guarantee that we issue is backed by the American Billiard Installers Association. This is the only organization in the industry that is raising up the standards in the billiard services industry. Should there be any issues pertaining to the installation or leveling of your table? Rest assured that if any of those issues arise within a 12-month period after our service. We will come back and those issues at completely no charge!

Refelting during your pool table setup

pool table setup with level in Palmdale

Most of our customers have felt on their pool table replaced during the setup of the billiard table. The reason is that this is the most convenient time to take care of your pool table refelting service.

In other words, when your pool table is disassembled we can make a thorough inspection of all the components. This allows us to fix any issues, this, in turn, will extend your investment and save you money in the long run.

This allows us to inspect your table more thoroughly and the refelting can be handled as a combination service along with the installation.

So if you are considering moving or buying a pool table, check your options for new felt. This way you are prepared when you schedule your pool table assembly. If you happen to notice a pool table repair that needs immediate attention, please let us know so that we can take care of it during this time.

We put together helpful information regarding the cost to move a pool table if you’re interested in all the details that this process entails, feel free to check out our article.

Pricing your pool table assembly

pool table assembly backed by a guarantee in Palmdale

The pricing for a pool table assembly depends upon a few circumstances, which we have listed below. Please have this information when you contact us. In case there are details that you don’t have, we can figure those out when you call.

We can expertly handle your pool table repair at the time of the service. Sometimes said repairs are not noticeable we will inspect the table at the time of the service.

There are special circumstances that apply to specific tables, such as antiques or one-piece slate top tables. If you’re not sure of the style of the table a few photos will help.

If you need us to also take care of the disassembly and transportation of your table you definitely found the right team. We handle the complete pool table moves from start to finish on a regular basis. We just need to know particular information detailing aspects of your table and stair situation. We will ask particularly how many stairs we have to negotiate or if there are any sharp turns. Depending on the table, there may be an additional cost.

If your pool table turns out to be a single slate top, we will definitely need to know the stair situation. Specifically, sharp turns or if going up or down since this type of table is extremely heavy. Sometimes we will not be able to move it because of liability issues.

We recommend you measure the size of the room where you want the pool table setup. If it’s helpful, feel free to check out our pool table room sizes guide.

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The best pool table setup service in Palmdale

The SOLO® Pool Table Movers of Palmdale is the best option to take care of your pool table assembly and all your pool table service needs. We are an established company that takes pride in offering professional pool table services.

We are backed by a written guarantee issued by a national organization. Our customer service professionals are always ready to help you.

We focus on providing the best possible service for our customers. The results of our efforts are noticed in the fact that we are the largest and most reliable billiard service organization.

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